Workshops - June 6th 2009

Workshop 1: WoPDaSP 2009

WoPDaSD 2009: 4th Workshop on Public Data about Software Development

Workshop 2: OSCOMM 2009

First International Workshop on Building Sustainable Open Source Communities

Workshop 3: D4PL

1st International Workshop on D4PL - Designing for participatory learning: Building from open source success to develop free ways to share and learn

Workshop 4: QACOS-OSSPL

A Joint Workshop of QACOS and OSSPL: Quality and Architectural Concerns in Open Source Software - Open Source Software and Product Lines


Please consult the workshop home page or contact Julie Marguerite for further information about this workshop.

Workshop 6: Serious Games and Open Source: Practice and Futures

The workshop aims to bring people from the Open Source and Serious Games communities together to discuss the current status of the area and to find a common future where the two areas can enrich each other.


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  • March 20th, 2009

    The US National Science Foundation will support travel and attendance for a diverse group of US PhD students to participate in the international doctoral consortium at the OSS2009 conference. For further information, please contact Prof. Kevin Crowston

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