Rishab Aiyer Ghosh

03 June 2009
(Organised by the KKS-funded O.S.A.-project)

Title: The economics of Open Standards


Born in New Delhi, Rishab Aiyer Ghosh is Founding International and Managing Editor of First Monday, the most widely read peer-reviewed on-line journal of the Internet, and Senior Researcher and head of the Collaborative Creativity Group at the Maastricht Economic Research Institute on Innovation and Technology (MERIT) at the University of Maastricht and United Nations University, the Netherlands. In 2000 he moved to the Netherlands, where he has researched innovation, technology and open collaborative production, in particular Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS) through a series of global research projects. He studied the use of open source software and ICT in Asia, Africa, America and Europe, and has been a member of the jury of the Stockholm Challenge Award since 1998. His research is funded by the European Union and the US National Science Foundation. In 2005, he published "CODE: Collaborative Ownership and the Digital Economy" with MIT Press. In January 2007, the European Commission published a major study led by him on the impact of open source on the economy, competitiveness and innovation. He is the author of the European Commission's IDABC programme's Guideline to Procurement of Open Source Software, currently published in draft form.
More information: Collaborative Creativity Group: http://ccg.merit.unu.edu Rishab: http://dxm.org

Timo Väliharju

06 June 2009
(Organised by the OSSCOMM 2009 & D4PL workshops)

Title: Open source community and business - how to make it work?


This invited talk addresses lessons learned during the 9 years of community development and service orientated business in Finland. Open Source community based technology development has been a reality over 10 years. There are many examples of successful open source projects during that time. Still there are only few communities that have matured to the point where they are able to make a profitable business. Community cooperation is vital to business but there are also multiple levels to participate in community development from the business point of view. Participation level in community seems to be a vital basic element to successful business model. What are the success factors behind the business driven communities? What are the factors that enables profitable business?


Timo Väliharju holds a masters degree in education and is currently the CEO of Mediamaisteri Group, an expert company in e-learning that aims to support the processes of web-based learning both for individual learners as well as organizations. Mr. Väliharju has been coordinating a number of EU projects on e-learning and has contributed to the establishment of the Learning Technology Centre at the University of Tampere. In addition to his industrial experience, he has held a lectureship position at the University of Tampere. He is the chairman 2009 of the Finnish Center for Open Source Solutions.


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